Corporate responsibility


Glengall Transport as a business creates opportunities for over 60 individuals and organisations.Every employee is expected to be courteous and efficient at all times in any given situation.


Other than compliance of its engines, Glengall ensures that all waste management and recycling regulations are adhered to.

Glengall is very aware of the impact on the environment that the haulage industry can have, therefore they adhere to the strict rules and guidelinesfor waste management and recycling including the licences required and putting in place all they can tokeep the emissions from the vehicles as low as possible.


To quote Mr AmrikPadda“When we are called upon we are always willing to offer support to charities and other organisations that need help at a time of crisis, for instance, we assisted the British Army when they were drafted in to help the flood victims in the Somerset Levels in early 2014 by providing free delivery of sand bags”We also like to participate in supporting farmers fairs and many other charity organisations